The heart behind Bella Marketplace

The heart behind Bella Marketplace

Beauty and truth...I cannot think of two words that better describe what Bella Marketplace is all about.  The business name itself is rooted in beauty from its original language -- "Bella" means beautiful in Italian, with that being a large portion of my nationality.  


When I first opened Bella Marketplace three years ago, I launched it with a mix of excitement and quite a few nerves, truly having no idea the first thing about running a business.  I had never touched social media in my life, hardly knew what a hashtag meant, and was ready to run at the first sign of technological difficulties.  You may be wondering why someone like me would be starting a business in a state like that - and that is a GREAT question ;) 


I certainly didn't know much, but what I did know is that I had a vision.  A passion.  A dream.  


I had a dream of being married and having children someday, with the flexibility to stay home with my children and homeschool them.  I had a dream of working from within my own home, in a way that was flexible and on my own schedule so I could work my business life around my family's needs, and not the other way around.  I had a dream of using every area of my life for the glory of God and to speak of His truth + love to those around me.  


So with that dream I took a humungous leap of faith (for me, at least).  I took a skill that I had been developing for a number of years - hand lettering - and used that as a tool to pursue the vision the Lord had given me. 


The Lord has given me a love for all things beautiful, and a deep passion for the truth of His Word.  I have witnessed first-hand in my own life the incredible power that words have, and I believe that what we set in front of our eyes is so crucial to the way that we will then think, speak, and act.  I have lettered Scripture for years now and hung it all around my home to keep truth in front of me at all times and always on my mind, and it is my desire to provide those same reminders of truth for you and your home - to display beauty and truth in a way that will turn your eyes to Jesus each and every day.  

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